How to Find Best Acidity Treatment

Acidity occurs because of indigestion of food or maybe there is some problem in the digestion mechanism. Now days it is very common problem among people. When we take food, there is food pipe which plays an important role in digestion. Through this pipe food carries to stomach.

When we eat food our stomach produces acid which is a simple process but the problem persists when the cells produces large amount of acid this is also called stomach acidity. There are few symptoms such as: Respiratory problems, loss in weight, vomiting, coughing. It also results in heartburn, chest and stomach pain, gas formation in stomach.

After having dinner and an early sleep is a major cause of acidity. There are various Home Acidity Treatment

 Acidity Treatment

Aci Kill Capsule – Acidity Treatment

for example banana enriches in potassium and it is the best home remedy to cure acidity.  A saunf which is known as fennel in English has many benefits. Saunf is another stomach acidity treatment that’s the reason saunf is served after meals at restaurants. Jeera has a property in the production of saliva which helps in Stomach Acidity Treatment. It helps to cure gastric troubles. The best way is to boil it in the water and drink water when it has cooled down and it is the best acidity treatment at home and also Acidity Treatment Medicine.


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